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Founded in 1992, Healthcare Concepts was established to provide specialized services to the healthcare industry. These services allow providers an effective way to maintain profitability, compliancy, and integrity through an appropriate and responsible approach to Charge Description Master (CDM) management and coding compliance...(more)


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This is a review, using your data that will identify specific issues such as missing or invalid codes and compliance issues. In addition to identifying these issues you will receive detailed reports showing each of the items in question. Among the reports you will receive:

  • Standardization Report - This report identifies like procedures for inconsistent prices, descriptor and modifier assignment.
  • Deleted Items Report - This report is a list of CPT codes that have been deleted by the AMA still resident in the CDM.
  • Missing CPT Codes Report - This report lists the missing CPT codes from the AMA’s latest publication applicable for selected departments that are not currently included in your CDM.
  • General Revenue Codes Report – This report lists any items under Supplies and Pharmaceutical categories that currently use general revenue codes and do not reflect desired specificity revenue code assignment.
  • Missing APC Carve-Outs Report – This report lists the carve-outs not currently in the CDM but are viable codes by CMA.
  • APC Comparison Report – This report lists items with their applicable APC number, rate and status. Items below APC payment rate are also identified.
  • Invalid Codes Report – This report lists the invalid codes currently residing in the CDM. This report identifies codes that do not qualify as CPT, HCPCS level II or UB-04 revenue codes for inpatient use.
  • Zero Usage Report – This report will identify items in your CDM with no activity for the reporting period in order to determine whether to purge them from the CDM.
  • S&I Missing Codes Report – This report identifies a list of related surgical codes with radiology interventional procedure code currently not present in your CDM.
  • APC Carve-Outs Report – This report lists the APC Carve-Outs present in your CDM that are not currently coded.
  • Top Income Producers Report – This report lists the procedures in your hospital which produce the most income and will allow you to focus on the items that have the greatest fiscal impact.

This review will provide you with an assessment of the current state of your CDM. It will provide you valuable detailed information with which you can determine if your current CDM management policies are effective and if any further action needs to be taken to bring your CDM into compliance.

The following reports will be delivered as a result of our findings.

  • Electronic Review Summary
  • Standardization Report
  • Deleted Items Report
  • Missing CPT-4 Codes Report
  • General Revenue Codes
  • Missing APC Carve-Outs Report
  • APC Comparison Report
  • Invalid Codes Report
  • Zero Usage Report
  • S&I Missing Codes Report
  • APC Carve-Outs Report
  • Top Income Producers
  • Electronic Qualitative

CDM Assessment reports give you the detailed information you need to further your efforts to CDM compliance. Each report list all items in your CDM which need to be addressed to bring your CDM up to current and acceptable coding standards published by CMS and other regulatory bodies.

Your staff will be required to provide data in accordance with our easy to follow download requirements. Once we have received your data we will load it into MedChex CDM Management Software and run a set of diagnostic reports to identify potential issues in your CDM. At the conclusion of our assessment a specialist will contact you via phone to discuss the results of the Electronic Qualitative CDM Assessment and submit reports in electronic format.