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Healthcare Concepts is a leader in CDM management solutions. We provide comprehensive services that allow hospital administrators and CEO's to realize the positive impact of a complete and compliant Charge Description Master. Browse through our services and find out how Healthcare Concepts, Inc. can help you today!!

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Founded in 1992, Healthcare Concepts was established to provide specialized services to the healthcare industry. These services allow providers an effective way to maintain profitability, compliancy, and integrity through an appropriate and responsible approach to Charge Description Master (CDM) management and coding compliance...(more)


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With the advent of the internet and secure web technologies Healthcare Concepts has developed a product line to keep you informed and update with all of your CDM management needs. Now you can leverage the experience and expertise of seasoned a CDM specialist to perform analysis and validation of your CDM. Important updates will automatically be incorporated into your monthly maintenance reports so that you will have the information needed to make decisions about your charging practices.

Through Healthcare Concepts' secure website you will be able to upload your current information and then receive updated reports identifying:

  1. Deleted Codes and their replacements
  2. Invalid Codes and recomended changes
  3. Missing APC Codes
  4. Revenue Code validation and recomended corrections

The goal of on-going maintenance is to keep your CDM current and alleviate the headache of having to keep up to date on bulletins published from CMS. By enrolling in the program you will receive updated looks at your CDM on a regular basis. It's like performing a mini-review of your CDM every month. This program allows you to focus on other important parts of running your facility and helps you reduce the cost of maintaining the CDM. Now you can be assured that your CDM is up to date and that all of the items which you submit for reimbursement have current coding.

The staff of Healthcare Concepts is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information concerning your CDM. We will provide you with updated reports on a monthly basis through our secure website by issuing you a unique username and password. Once logged in you will be allowed to view your CDM. Using the power of MedChex Healthcare Concepts' staff will review your CDM and compare your coding against current code sets. We will then report back to you our findings and notify you of any regulatory changes. Your CDM will receive the scrutiny it deserves to help you maximize your reimbursement and improve your cash flow. The following reports will be delivered as a result of our findings.

  • Changes Report
  • Standardization Report
  • Deleted Items Report
  • Missing CPT Codes Report
  • General Revenue Codes
  • Missing APC Carve-Outs Report
  • APC Comparison Report
  • Invalid Codes Report
  • Zero Usage Report
  • S&I Missing Codes Report
  • APC Carve-Outs Report
  • Top Income Producers

In addtion to the reports listed above we also have the ability to generate specialized reports that can also be delivered through our web interface.

Your staff will be required to provide data in accordance with our easy to follow download requirements. Once we have received your data we will load it into MedChex CDM Management Software and run a set of diagnostic reports to identify potential issues in your CDM. At the conclusion of our assessment a specialist will contact you via phone to discuss the results of the Electronic Qualitative CDM Assessment and submit reports in electronic format.