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Healthcare Concepts is a leader in CDM management solutions. We provide comprehensive services that allow hospital administrators and CEO's to realize the positive impact of a complete and compliant Charge Description Master. Browse through our services and find out how Healthcare Concepts, Inc. can help you today!!

Our Story...

Founded in 1992, Healthcare Concepts was established to provide specialized services to the healthcare industry. These services allow providers an effective way to maintain profitability, compliancy, and integrity through an appropriate and responsible approach to Charge Description Master (CDM) management and coding compliance...(more)


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Our Software

MedChex software is a full featured CDM Management tool that allows you the capabilities of a seasoned CDM management specialist. Our years of experience have taught us that most of the information you need to manage a CDM effectively is not available in a ready to use library of information. We have consolidated the best tools in one comprehensive software package. This software package gives you the ability to leverage our extensive experience and research in one easy to use tool.

Healthcare Concepts is a leading consulting firm specializing in CDM management. Healthcare Concepts leverages the capabilities of MedChex software to provide our customers with accurate and timely analysis of their CDM data. MedChex is used to allow a group of CDM specialists the ability to look at sections of the CDM and analyze every line item and compare it to current coding standards and guidelines. Senior consultants use the advanced features to perform complex Rebasing/Re-Engineering functions as well as standardization functions that allow them to cross walk multiple CDMs to one master simplifying CDM management.

Other software products exist but none of them have the level of sophistication built into MedChex. MedChex was the first product on the market to address the needs of large corporate hospital chains, individual providers, and Big 5 consulting firms. MedChex continues to be a leader in the industry by providing periodic updates based on new code sets and regulations. Our specialists are professional coders who take the time needed to maintain the extensive library of data contained within MedChex.

Feature   MedChex
Identifies Linked Codes   Checkmark
Identifies missing CPT and HCPCS Codes   Checkmark
Identifies invalid or obsolete HCPCS codes and suggests replacements   Checkmark
Identifies common compliance problems   Checkmark
Offers easy access to an up-to-date reference guide of all CPT and HCPCS Codes   Checkmark
Provides an comprehensive audit trail for each charge code and an online memo feature for each charge master item   Checkmark
Allows multiple, simultaneous access to permission controlled segments of the chargemaster   Checkmark
Provides Security for multi-user environments   Checkmark
Allows you to load multiple chargemasters into a single program
Allows Standardization between multiple charge masters   Checkmark
Has multiple routines for setting prices
Has internal database prepared by experts   Checkmark
Allows you to add items   Checkmark
Routine for matching items to their correct HCPCS code   Checkmark
Allows you to create charge sheets   Checkmark
Allows you to reorganize your charges to help eliminate lost charges and compliance problems   Checkmark

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